An Unpaid Internship At Mamamia Was Sold For $10,000 Today

ICYMI, the Turnbull government’s under a bit o’ fire atm, after Scott Morrison revealed in his budget that job seekers will be required to undertake internships as part of their job seeking experiencing, putting in 15–25 hours per week for the low, low price of $200. If you put in the max. number of hours per week, that works out to be $4 per hour.

And in other internship news, one just sold at women’s website Mamamia for $10,000 – for the low, low pay of zero dollars per hour.
Mamamia was asked to donate one of their two week unpaid internships for a charity action at the Caritas Women For The World lunch today. 
Twitter, of course, got wind of it. They were not kind.

Look. No one’s in any doubt that raising money for charity is A Good Thing, and Mamamia – and some very deep-pocketed Mia Freedman fans – have just raised $10k for impoverished communities in the Philippines.

But media is already criticised as being an industry for the privileged, with the very nature of unpaid internships locking out those who cannot afford to work for free from even entering it. And apparently Mamamia – nor the event’s MC Ben Fordham – saw any irony in helping the underprivileged by catering for the extremely so.
Priceless? Sure – but only if you can afford it.
DISCLAIMER: Pedestrian doesn’t offer unpaid internships, but allows companies to use our jobs board to advertise them.