Far from pottering around with a DSLR on auto or reeling off a few Nashville filter-worthy shots of a half-eaten burrito, Peter Lik has been plying his trade globally as one of the most renowned photographers in the world, having forged a career spanning 30 years.

The Melbourne-born, now Las Vegas-based snapper is famous for his panoramic landscape and nature photographs, and has opened over a dozen galleries in high end locations across the US, including in Caesar’s Palace and New York’s Plaza Hotel.

And now he’s claimed a particularly unique record in the art world – he took the most expensive photo ever sold.

The piece in question, Phantom, is a shot taken in the Antelope Canyon in Arizona – a slot canyon carved out by naturally flowing water over millions of years. The stark, black and white photograph was sold to a private collector in late November for a whopping – and record – sum of US$6.5million.

In the same sale, the collector purchase two other of Lik’s works – “Illusion” for US$2.4million, and “Eternal Moods” for US$1.1million – meaning Lik now has four of the twenty most expensive photos ever sold (he already held one place for a piece called “One” which sold for US$1million).

As for what the photo looks like? Well, yeah. It’s pretty freakin’ breathtaking.

An Australian Photographer Sold The World’s Most Expensive Photo

Way to go, Pete! You absolute bloody legend.

Header Image: Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images.

Photo via Peter Lik.