An Aussie Has Been Shot And Killed At The Australian Embassy In Baghdad

A security contractor at the Australian Embassy in Baghdad has been shot and killed, Julie Bishop has confirmed.

In a press statement today, Bishop said the 34-year-old man was working for the Unity Resources Group, providing security services to the Australian Embassy when he was killed.

“The circumstances surrounding his death will be thoroughly investigated,” she said.

“The Government extends its condolences to the family of the Australian man over this tragic incident. All appropriate assistance is being provided to his family.”

Fairfax reports that another Unity employee is being questioned about the shooting.

“I am advised the high level of security is being maintained at the embassy,” said Bishop.
The embassy is located within the green zone. It moved there in 2005 after a car bomb was detonated near its previous location in a high-risk part of the city. 

Photo: Getty / Wathiq Khuzaie