An Aussie Company Has Invented A Safe, Survivable Bushfire Shelter

There’s two things perhaps more synonymous with the Australian summer than anything else – storms, and bushfires.

And while the coastal metro-areas have been battered by the former this season, the inland rural areas have had a particularly nasty bushfire season to contend with – and we’re only just on halfway through summer.
With a number of very dangerous bushfires ripping their way through Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania, the loss of life is a sad, tragic inevitability as people stay behind to defend their homes – or simply get caught out in the wrong place at precisely the wrong time.
But one ingenious Aussie invention is seeking to make bushfire deaths preventible, rather than a certainty.
Ulla and Tune Johansen, a business pair from Brisbane, have set up an IndieGoGo campaign to help get their invention – an improved, survivable bushfire shelter – up off the ground.
The shelter has already been tested in simulation conditions, and has been found to be able to withstand outside temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees.
The new shelters utilise pumice – an excellent natural insulator from blast-level heat – and have been found to far exceed the capabilities of current-standard shelters, which are often insufficient to withstand the rigours of a full-blown firestorm.

The duo plans to use all money raised by the campaign to help get the product to market, and to obtain the Australian Standards Approval.
You can find out more about this potentially life-saving product via the IndieGoGo campaign page.
Source: IndieGoGo.