An Aussie Bloke Has Escaped From A Bali Jail, ‘Shawshank Redemption’ Style

Shaun Davidson, a Perth man serving a one-year sentence in Bali for using someone else’s passport, is among four prisoners who’ve escaped from Kerobokan jail through an underground tunnel. 
The three other escapees are also foreigners – from Bulgaria, India and Malaysia. They were serving sentences up to 14 years, so their motivation to see the outside world in a hurry seems to make sense. Davidson, on the other hand, had only two months and 15 days until the end of his 12-month sentence, making his choice to abscond fairly baffling. 
They nicked off through a 50cm x 75cm hole behind a prison clinic, which was later discovered by guards. 
Interestingly enough, The Age reports that the whole reason Davidson was in Bali in the first place was because he was attempting to skip out on some trouble back home. He’d been charged with meth and weed possession, and after missing a court date had an arrest warrant issued. So he buggered off to Bali.
However, he was using a passport belonging to someone called Michael John Bayman. After being alerted to the fact that he’d overstayed his one-month tourist visa, the Bali immigration authorities booked him. 
No word yet on where the four have got to, but we’ll keep you posted. 

Source: The Age / 9NEWS.
Image: Facebook / Shaun Davidson.