Tyre companies, somehow, have earned themselves a pretty good rep in the realm “high culture”. If you’re a chef, “making it” often relies on whether the roly-poly Michelin man deigns to give you one of his precious lil’ stars; similarly, being immortalised – well, immortalised for a month, really – on Pirelli’s calendar is just the shit if you’re a model.

And that’s just why 2016’s edition is so different – there’s nary a model in sight. The Annie Leibovitz-shot calendar is notably bereft of its traditionally waifish ingenues, featuring a carefully-curated bevy of powerful cultural figures instead. 

Take, for instance, Amy Schumer, who was understandably stoked ’bout the shot and chucked it online herself. 


Beautifully lit?
Check. Natural? Check. Funny? Well, unexpectedly, check: Leibowitz said she the photo took a subtle dig at the calendar’s rowdier past, and imagined Schumer as the only one left out of the whole “oh, we’re actually wearing clothes this year” group chat. 

Leibovitz said she avoided interpreting the female form for the male gaze, and was totally on-board with showcasing women whose achievements extended outside the traditional fashion realm. 

The calendar also showcases the grace and power of Serena Williams, mind-bogglingly popular actress Yao Chen, and all-time gr8 Patti Smith. Also, Yoko Ono. Feel free to have a gander here

Story via The Guardian.

Image via Annie Leibovitz.