Amy Schumer, the self-depreciating queen of modern comedy, has done it again.

In her new episode of Inside Amy, she takes on the fantasy vs. reality situation that comes along with ‘wanting to be a Disney princess’. Sure, it’s a nice idea, and sure, meeting Prince Charming might be something that seems appealing – but it’s probably not a super-realistic idea to add to your ten year plan. 

Here’s a few reasons why:

1. It’s stupid.

2. There really aren’t as many princess job vacancies in the world as Disney makes out. 

3. Being a princess has some real bad tasks involved. Like, you know, having to bone your cousin, to keep the bloodline pure. We’re talking Game of Thrones shit here, people. 

Anyway, watch Amy kill it some more below. Also appreciate that king of the phrase ‘designerrrrs, make it werqTim Gunn features heavily:

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