Aussies Have Discovered Our Yank Counterparts Are Oblivious To The Existence Of A4 & A3 Paper

Americans don’t know a lot of shit – that’s nothing new . But it turns out they are completely and utterly ignorant of fucking paper sizes, too. As in, they have no idea what the difference between an A4 and an A3 sheet of paper is.

How on Earth does that country continue to function? How did they do their school projects in primary school?!

Aussie TikToker @adelaidh exposed Americans for their ignorance of what should be common knowledge yesterday.

@adelaidhokay so paper sizes isn’t general knowledge in the US?! ##fyp♬ original sound – adelaidh

In the comments, everyone agreed: WTF is wrong with Americans and their cursed paper nomenclature?

“I just FaceTimed my American fiancé because I thought this was a lie. What dreadful knowledge,” wrote one user.

The verdict’s out: WTF is wrong with Americans? (TikTok / @adelaidh)

It’s not just Aussies on TikTok, either. People all over the internet are losing their shit at this madness, and rightfully so.

The paper sizes we know and love, such as the trusty A4, the time-honored A5 and the extra-as-fuck A1, were developed by the International Organization for Standardization in Switzerland.

They’re used in almost every country except the US, Canada and parts of Latin America.

As it turns out, Americans use something called a foolscap. No idea what that is but it sounds ridiculous.

They also use terms like ledger- and letter-size, but like, this is far too much information to take in and remember for the simple task of comparing paper sizes. How good are numbers, am I right?

Its gets worse, too. For no reason other than sheer stubbornness, a foolscap is a fraction narrower but slightly taller than an A4 sheet, while a letter sheet is a bit wider but a fraction shorter than an A4 sheet.

None of it makes any goddamn sense.

So there you have it. Another instance of Americans doing something completely and utterly random with no discernible rhyme or reason.