American Voters Go Full Jafar, Want To Bomb The Made-Up City In ‘Aladdin’

Further cementing the United States’ unironically cartoonish political climate, a forehead-slapping one-in-three Republican voters said they were in favour of bombing the Middle Eastern city of Agrabah. The problem here, of course, is that Agrabah could never actually be bombed out of existence as it, quite literally, has never existed. 

It’s the totally, 100%, truly-duly made-up home of Aladdin. 

The poll, taken by Public Policy Polling, got some other interesting/terrifying answers to that sneaky little Q. One in five Democrats – traditionally, the less war-mongering side of the American political landscape – were also in favour of blowing the joint up. 

If you’re stewing in angry confusion and wondering where Donald Trump comes into it, here ya go: 46% of his backers were gung-ho about blowing the joint up. 
Some more fun facts: almost half of all respondents said there should be a database of every single Muslim in the country, and a stunning one in four said the religion should be flat-out illegal. 
While it’s a bit of a stretch to ask the American populace to have a literally encyclopaedic knowledge of Disney’s fake locales, it’s deffo not unreasonable to make sure you know exactly what you’re talking about when you blow a place to shit, right? Right?

In any case, good luck trying to get conventional weapons against a legit pacifist genie, guys.

Story: Sky News.
Photo: Disney.