American Apparel’s A+ New LGBTQIA Range Skewers Donald Trump’s Slogan

Not everyone could tell you what Hillary Clinton‘s or Bernie Sanders‘ campaign slogan is, but everyone sure as hell knows Donald Trump‘s. And that’s not a compliment by any means; everyone knows it because they laughed at it.
But American Apparel have now turned Trump’s incredibly silly slogan on its head, and released a line for Pride with the Human Rights Campaign and the Ally Coalition (founded by Jack AntonoffLena Dunham‘s boyfriend – and her his sister Rachel Antonoff, a fashion designer). 
The name of their wondrous collection?

This Pride, we’re launching #MakeAmericaGayAgain with @HumanRightsCampaign and @AllyCoalition. This month purchase a shirt or tote and proceeds will support the Equality Act and the fight to end #LGBTQ discrimination. #AmericanApparel

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So, if you purchase any of the queergoods, then 30% of the proceeds go towards the fight to end LGBTQIA discrimination, which is pretty dope. 
The Aussie artist famous for her nude ‘micropenis’ painting of Donald Trump, Illma Gore, is one of the first to be photographed in the excellent wears:
You’re so right Illma. Crocs are not fine at all
You can take a look at the range here:

Source: American Apparel / Instagram.