Please Enjoy This American Man Hilariously Live-Tweeting His Way Through His First AFL Game

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An American sports fan has just discovered the AFL in a desperate attempt to watch some form of sport as US teams call it quits amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Around the world, thousands of sporting events are being called off because 1. it’s a health hazard for the crowd, and 2. it’s a health hazard for the players.

Here in Australia, we’ve banned gatherings of more than 100 people indoors (500 outdoors), but if you thought that would stop the AFL from going ahead, think again. It’s utter madness.

But one US sports fan has grown an interest in our little ol’ AFL thanks to the fact that our Saturday afternoon Essendon/Fremantle match airs at a prime time for some Friday night footy over in the US.

Pat McAfee, who is a former NFL player himself, live-tweeted the Bombers/Dockers game from his home in Indianapolis on Friday night (Saturday afternoon here in Australia).

He seemed a little confused by the concept of a mark (which is obviously not a term in the NFL), but thankfully the USAFL account cleared it up for him.

I’m not quite sure why Pat’s tweets have warmed my cold, dead heart so much but there’s something so wholesome about a former NFL punter seeking comfort in the AFL in a time of crisis.

I’m not going to include the entire Twitter thread because it’s pretty extensive (you can read it here). But hoo boy, Pat’s mind has been well and truly blown by our beloved AFL.

AFL fans quickly welcomed him into the Twitter community, bonding over historic moments like that time Dustin Martin left his car at the MCG for 3 months after the grand final.

If you’re having a bit of a bad day, I encourage you to go read the replies to Pat’s tweets because the sense of community among footy fans is sure to warm your heart.  Honestly, this is what makes our beloved AFL so great.

But Pat isn’t the only American getting in on the AFL action today. Here’s just a few of the countless American-watching-AFL-for-the-first-time tweets I found today.