A Melb Gal Has Issued A Warning After Copping A $500 Fine Over A Road Rule She Had NFI About

Amber traffic light

If you haven’t already leaned into your passenger princess lifestyle (after all, 2023 is the year where the girls don’t drive), then consider this as another sign to let your L’s expire and never get your licence, even at 30 (please God, tell me I’m not alone).

In a TikTok, Melbourne woman Lucinda McGarrity learned that it was actually illegal to run through an amber traffic light. HUH???

“They say you learn something new every day,” she said. “Today, I learnt that it is illegal to drive through an amber light unless it’s 100% necessary to do so.”

After she was pulled over at 8:30 in the morning in front of Melb brunch spot Florian (if you know, you know), she got drug tested and breath tested while bawling her eyes out. A true sight.

Then, she copped a $500 fine and left us with some solid advice: “Don’t drive through amber lights!”

Firstly — and I say this as someone who doesn’t drive and has a very limited understanding of road rules — I am shocked. Isn’t the point of amber traffic lights driving through them, but like in a cute legal way?

Well, probs not.

Naturally, there was a lot of confusion. “I always thought you just had to make [it] through the intersection before the light turned red. There are obvs times when you shouldn’t [continue through] amber,” one said.

One commenter weighed in. “The comments are scaring me. How does no one know this? That’s the whole purpose of the amber light (to slow down).”

“If you can’t SAFELY brake, you can keep going, but it’s a split-second decision when it changes,” another person said.

Someone else shared another interesting rule. “If you’re over the line when it turned yellow then you have to go through.”

Others were more concerned about the involvement of Florian. “I’ll cop the 500 but please officer, not in front of Florian.”

Peep the full TikTok below.