Independent Australian designer Joshua Mullane dropped his debut collection PSEUDO today with a guerilla-style runway show at Sydney Fashion Week.

The high-fashion gatecrash at the Opera House featured a bunch of diverse Australian models including Imogen Anthony, trans model Gemma Cowling and plus-size model Jessica Vander Leahy

Speaking about the unconventional choice of debut, Mullane said:

“Obviously a fashion show is about creating hype for your brand but this was also a protest. Today was a statement about emerging artists in Australia who don’t have easy access to showcase their talent. To get a spot at fashion is extremely expensive and lot of great talent and art is lost. It’s a shame and doing this today was about disrupting that system.”

Check out clips of the event below, featuring a posse of extremely tall and beautiful people stomping coolly around the Opera House, forming a makeshift runway and being ushered away by heavily-accented security guards. 

Renegade catwalk, off schedule #mbfwa @pseudo_collection @joshuamullane #pseudo

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How the rest of the Sydney fashion industry will respond to their big day being crashed remains to be seen. 

Image: Supplied.