An IRL Wedding Crasher Was Arrested In Melb After Allegedly Nicking Over $16K Worth Of Pressies

Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers

A bloke from Carlton’s been arrested and charged after he allegedly pretended to be a wedding guest and nicked pressies from weddings in Melbourne. That’s going on a wedding shaming Facebook group immediately.

According to Victoria Police, a whopping $16,000 worth of pressies, gift cards and jewellery was allegedly stolen from three of the wedding venues.

Victoria Police said the man allegedly masqueraded as a guest at eight different weddings between the April 2 and May 22nd. The weddings were in Brunswick, Brunswick East, Hawthorn, Ripponlea and Fitzroy in Inner West Melb.

One bride alleged the man took thousands of dollars from their wishing well and also wrote in the guest book as per 9News.

“It was the best wedding he’d apparently ever attended and he was feeling awesome and lucky on the night, three quarters of our wishing well was missing,” she said.

This truly sounds like the possible sequel to Wedding Crashers so someone needs to get Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn back on the grind.

Get Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams back on board and we’re absolutely set. Side note, why did that movie have such an excellent cast? Christopher Walken and Bradley Cooper too? It’s time for a 2022 gritty reboot methinks.

The 24-year-old man has now been hit with 27 different charges, including aggravated burglary, burglary, theft and going equipped to steal. He’s been bailed and will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on October 18.

Honestly, to me — an unmarried 23-year-old — weddings just seem like the absolute most stressful thing on earth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the dresses. I love the dancing. I loved embarrassing speeches by drunk middle-age men. I love the concept of a party all about me (and the person I love too, obv).

But they do sound like a true nightmare.

First you’ve got the seating chart to worry about, then you’ve got the menus and colour schemes. Picking out special flowers? A nightmare.

And now potential crashers have been officially added to my list of wedding fears. Right above “accidentally giving my mother-in-law food poisoning and being banned from the family forever”. All rational worries, I’m sure.