The Alleged Poo Jogger Has Resigned From His Job, Mercy Flushing His Career

Furthering our sure-to-be award-winning coverage of the case of Brisbane’s fearsome alleged Poo Jogger, the man at the centre of the allegations has resigned from his high-profile corporate position in the wake of the story breaking (wind).

Andrew Douglas Macintosh, who was charged by QLD Police with one count of public nuisance, has summarily resigned from his position as national quality manager (retirement) at Aveo, Australia’s largest and most prominent retirement village corporation.

Douglas was photograpped allegedly grunting out a heaving turd during a regular morning jog, an activity that residents asserted happened on at least 30 occasions.

Despite the photo being shot on May 11th, Aveo officials claimed they were unaware of the charges or the cable being laid until Wednesday of last week.

The Australian Financial Review now reports that Macintosh tendered his resignation from the company this morning, following the story making national headlines and leaving company officials concerned about his next movements.

A short statement from Aveo, which some poor idiot had to type with their human hands, reads “Aveo Group is distressed and disappointed at the alleged incidents concerning Mr Macintosh. Aveo will continue to extend its support to Mr Macintosh for help that he may require.

The company will back Macintosh in through the course of the legal proceedings, and will likely seek to wipe themselves clean of the situation upon its conclusion. It’s also likely Macintosh will seek a nu start after the legal proceedings conclude.

Truly, the only greater drop than the one from grace is the one from ass to ground, folks.