God, *Another* Person Has Claimed The Alleged Con Artist From The Block Screwed Them Over Too

the block accused con artist

Alleged ‘international con artist’, who laid down the highest winning bid The Block has ever seen – a whopping $4.2million – and then couldn’t deliver the funds when the time came, has apparently pulled the same trick before. Alleged doctored bank statements, fudged transfers, a billion excuses, the works.

In emails and documents obtained by the Daily MailEmese Fajk had allegedly done the same thing to a Romanian-based designer, who had done some branding work for Fajk’s business.

The designer claims that Fajk failed to send over the $1000 payment for the work, and when pressed for confirmation, Fajk shared screenshots of an ‘international money transfer’ through ANZ bank, despite no funds actually landing in the designer’s account.

Message screenshots were also shared with the Daily Mail, in which Fajk allegedly blames her bank for not cooperating, a delay in international transfers, and then poor internet connection while in hotel quarantine in Sydney.

The Romanian designer apparently chased payment from Fajk from August through to mid-October when she entered hotel quarantine, before giving up and accepting the money was never going to arrive.

“I didn’t waste my time with her anymore after this,” the designer told the Daily Mail.

This incident involving allegedly doctored international transfer statements happened right before Fajk appeared on The Block, snatching up Jimmy and Tam Wilkins‘ house in late November.

The $4.256 million winning bid landed the couple with just over $1 million in prize money, but the house re-entered the market in late December after Nine received no payment from Fajk, and the settlement fell through.

An investigation from A Current Affair dropped the bombshell that the Queensland couple – and The Blockhad been done over by the alleged international con artist in December, which then brought an ex-partner of Fajk’s out of the woodwork, claiming she had done the exact same thing to him in the past.

After the accusations came to light, Fajk then took to her Instagram to share her side of the story, blaming the whole mess on an unnamed conveyancer she worked with instead of a solicitor.


God, this one just keeps on giving everything but the money she apparently owes, doesn’t it.