Never let it be said that incessantly tweeting celebrities doesn’t pay off.

One Yeezy Boost frother left bitterly disappointed after reservations for Kanye West’s new Yeezy Boost 750s closed one freakin’ minute after opening was shocked when Kim Kardashian, patron saint of Yeezys, personally intervened to hook his feet up.  

Joe Berg, a 23-year-old from Brooklyn, tweeted the note informing him he was shit outta luck getting his hands on a pair of the limited-edition trainers.

… then KK replied, real casual-like, to ask his size:

Joe lost it: 

But wait, there’s more!!!

Kim replied to let Joe know they were all out of size 12s… but that 12 is Kanye’s shoe size, and that she’d nab a pair from his wardrobe.

Joe died. He literally died.

Let us know how it feels to walk a mile in Ye’s shoes, Joe.

All You Have To Do To Score A Pair Of Ye’s Yeezys Is Tweet Kim Kardashian

Photo: Twitter / @kimkardashian.