It’s only the second episode of Bachie and we’ve already been hit with the drama train as eight new girls entered the house. Obviously, we all knew that, but the girls in the house didn’t. And boy oh boy does that make for some spicy TV.

Honestly, the only thing juicier than The Bachelor is the Twitter feed during the show, so here are a few of the funniest things I saw tonight to get you cackling, even if you’re not stoked with Matt‘s choices at the rose-giving ceremony.

Well, for starters, everyone is still frothing Elly. Me too. Give her a ring already, Matt. Fuck.

Aaaand, nobody likes Emma.

Sogand, who scored the solo date tonight, was NOT happy to see another Persian girl in the house. No. She is the ONLY Persian, damn it. SHE’S HIS PERSIAN PRINCESS. Honestly, Sogand is one of my faves but if being Persian is the only thing she’s got going for her she’s not going to last long. The “token Persian” thing sure got everyone fired up.

But I mean, who cares about the girls when Matt looks like Brendan Fraser?

*cough* Emma and Mary *cough*

And here are a few more of the spiciest tweets for your laughing pleasure. Happy reading Bachies!