All Of Your Faves Are Being So Damn Wholesome In Honour Of Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Well, happy Father’s Day to all of our beloved readers outside of Australia and New Zealand. We see you out there. 

While we’ve still got a few months to gear up for our annual 24-hour period of paternal appreciation, much of the planet is currently celebrating the existence of dads. 

You better believe celebrities are among that number, ’cause we don’t (yet) grow famous people in laboratories. Truth be told, their public offerings of love and affection are providing some damn positive vibes, and we implore you to get around ’em.

Take, for example, this wholesome content courtesy of Kim Kardashian:

Or this genuinely sweet open letter from Chrissy Teigen:

DJ Khaled played congratulated himself on being a dad. To be honest, we’ll give him a pass, because old mate doesn’t seem to love anything as much as his little mate:

Elsewhere, Chance The Rapper gave props to his (holy) father:

Chris Pratt took a minute to remember his dad:

Fellow superhero Ryan Reynolds discussed his food baby – and his regular human baby. Also: surprise Burt Reynolds, who is not technically Ryan’s father.

Conor McGregor decided he’d take the opportunity to trash-talk, which is essentially par for the course:

Call me Daddy today

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And former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson posted about his kid, only for rabid fans to a) rail against the fact he’s not in a relationship with Harry Styles, and b) participate in some insane theory about his progeny.  

We’re just waiting for the fabled Bey + Jay post, at this point.

Photo: Kim Kardashian / Twitter.