We Can’t Tell You Why Alex Jones Is Screaming At Some Poo, But He Is

Alex Jones is a very strange man who has, somehow, become an unbelievably influential figure in American and, thus, world politics. I first came across him in the film Waking Life, where he somewhat benignly yells into a megaphone strapped to the roof of his car about how we’re human or whatever. Nowadays, he spends his time yelling into a microphone about gay frogs and Jade Helm, when he’s not being sued by the parents of children killed in a mass shooting for claiming that everyone involved is a government crisis actor.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

Despite the fact that he is the most ridiculous person alive, it’s kinda hard to laugh at Jones now that he plays a weirdly big part in bolstering America’s increasingly militant far-right, with his conspiracy theory nonsense acting as something of a gateway drug into reactionary conservatism and nationalism. But we will definitely take the laughs where we can find them, like in Jones being filmed screaming at a turd:

As far as I can figure out, he is doing a bit for the camera where he is pretending that the poop is Beto O’Rourke, who is running as a Democrat candidate in the 2018 Texas senate race. But, also, he is yelling at some poop. Strange, strange man.