Screaming Tomato Alex Jones Loses Defamation Case After Denying Sandy Hook Shooting

Alex Jones

A court in the US state of Connecticut has found far-right talk show host Alex Jones liable for defaming Sandy Hook victims and their families.

Jones used his Infowars Show to spread falsehoods about the 2012 tragedy which left 28 dead and two injured.

Jones regularly alleged that the Sandy Hook school children were actors and that the whole situation was a hoax to clamp down on America’s gun freedoms.

One victim’s family was forced to relocate seven times due to ongoing harassment at the hands of Jones’ fans.

The amount of damages is set to be decided by a jury in 2022.

Infowars was banned from YouTube, Apple and Facebook in 2018 and now runs exclusively on its own site.

Trend of Far-Right Sooky-Men Continues

Judge Barbara Bellis confirmed that Jones’ loss was due to default. The default was due to Jones’ “failure to produce critical material information that the plaintiffs needed to prove their claims,” Bellis said.

Despite the verdict clearly pointing to a lack of action on his part, Jones reacted with the Trump-like response of denying a fair process.

“These individuals, again, are not allowing me to have a jury trial because they know the things they said I supposedly did didn’t happen,” claimed the shock jock.

“They know they don’t have a case for damages. And so the judge is saying you are guilty of damages, now a jury decides how guilty you are. It’s not guilty until proven guilty.”

The response follows a pattern of conservative excuse-making regarding the legitimacy of the courts and even the democratic process itself.

Brazilian President Bolsinaro, known for his far-right ideology and more recently his dipping popularity, has been pre-empting fraud in his country’s upcoming election.

Some example of exactly how mashed this bloke is? My pleasure.

A slab of sweating silverside by anyone’s standards, Alex Jones has led a broadcasting career chockers with cooked behaviour.

For starters, he was a head honcho in the QAnon conspiracy movement. But recently, a wild video of Jones essentially breaking up with Q was viewed over two million times. And yes, someone’s remixed it.

Another example was where Jones ambushes Florida Senator Marco Rubio during a press conference. In the clip Jones asks Rubio why his Infowars channel was banned from Facebook and YouTube, while Rubio ignores him and continues to speak to the media about misinformation and free speech. Irony anyone?

In 2017, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver detailed how Jones bizarrely funds his antics through selling vitamins and supplements. 100%, without a doubt, definitely not a scam.

On top of all this, he’s also managed to get Aussies offside with an absolutely fried pronunciation of the Victorian city of ‘Ballarat’, reported on by Pedestrian.TV here.