Aldi Drops Beats, Mangoes, In Utterly Ridic New TV Dance Ad

Confession: With the Christmas break now in full effect, we’re down to a skeleton crew here in the editorial department of PEDESTRIAN.TV.

And with the thought of a few Xmas Eve frothies now looming large, those of us still with our noses to the grindstone have all gone delightfully mad this afternoon.
So it’s that, combined with impeccable timing, that we all found this utterly bonkers new ad from Aldi to be ridiculous, hilarious, totally out-of-its-mind.
I mean, the damned thing is set to a dance track with lyrics that go “MANGOES/MANGOES/IN THE FRUIT AISLE/WHEN THE BEAT GOES.”

In and of itself, that’s batshit nuts enough. But then there’s a trolley full of mangoes that explodes. There’s a series of way-too-sexy close ups of people suckling upon the flesh of summer (try and scrub that sentence from your brains). And there’s a shot featuring three mannequin arms holding fruit aloft, which then burst – and if that is not the least subtle phallic reference of all time, I will eat my fruity hat.
Just… just watch it.

There’s two possible outcomes to all of this. The first is you watch the ad and wholeheartedly agree with us on all points.
And the second is you’re now all staring at our maniacally cackling corpses all like:
Pretty OK with either outcome, to be perfectly honest.
Source: mUmBRELLA.