The Australian alcohol restrictions that were put into place at bottle o’s have been lifted overnight.

The restrictions were voluntarily put in place by Retail Drinks Australia, and were followed by major retailers like Liquorland, Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

They were actioned in response to pubs and bars closing for business during the lockdown period, to prevent hoarding and consequential shortages.

Basically, so beer didn’t go down the same route as toilet paper. A true TRAVESTY that would have been.

During the restriction period, customers could only purchase two slabs of beer or twelve bottles of wine at a time. Which is still heaps, but not if you’re buying for the whole sharehouse – and you’re like me, who is having a glass a night along with everyone else in the home.

This is part of several ease-offs as lockdown slowly reverses – NSW this morning was told by Premier Gladys Berejiklian that households could have two guests over as of Friday.