Rotten Egg Alan Jones’ Boomer Live Stream Crashed After Two Minutes And Good Fkn Riddance

Notorious right-wing broadcaster Alan Jones has had his solo career stifled after the launch of his live-stream (read: Boomer rant) crashed just minutes in.

In case you missed it, Jones was removed from Sky News’s prime time telly show earlier this year and his column in The Daily Telegraph was scrapped.

Tragically he announced that instead, he’d be doing a solo show called ‘Direct to the People’. Which people exactly is so far unclear.

The ‘program’ is a live stream on Facebook and YouTube, but embarrassingly for Jones, at just over two minutes into the premiere of the ‘show’ the live stream crashed. Also, before the show began, his website crashed too.

Alan Jones’s team has cunningly blamed this on ‘excessive traffic’ but as pointed out by the end of the YouTube stream there were only 1322 viewers and the Facebook video had 1600 likes.

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves: the word ‘excessive’ is pulling a lot of weight there. also said that the show’s producers have claimed hundred of thousands of viewers were trying to tune in on the website, which is what caused the crash.

Somehow, the math isn’t mathing.

According to The Guardian after the crash, it took Jones two hours to get back online. Some of the highlights – or lowlights, depending on your general POV – included him arguing that only 2,000 people have died of COVID-19 (ostensibly not true) and that the Bondi 389 bus had changed its route “out of the blue” to name but a handful.

So glad to see we’re focusing on the real problems facing Australia in 2021.

Special props also has to go to Alan Jones’ background, which gives the inescapable vibe of a Blue Light Disco.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet made a guest appearance on the show where he discussed relaxing COVID-19 restrictions.

Perrottet said, “there are still so many commentators, politicians and members of the public who would still prefer us to be locked down in circumstances where there is no need”.

Queensland senator Matt Canavan also made an appearance one the show. In case you’re unfamiliar with his work, Canavan’s the guy who made a tweet so offensive that he was called out by the Nationals: surely a low point for social progress.

At one point during the broadcast, Alan Jones said “they won’t silence you or me”. Tragically, though, there seems to be a crucial difference between being ‘silenced’ and people simply not wanting to listen to you.