The Son Of A Victim Massacred In Christchurch Calls Shooter ‘Scum Of The World’ In Court

Ahad Nabi

Today, as the sentencing of the Christchurch mosque gunman continues, family members of victims have given incredibly moving speeches in the New Zealand High Court. One of the most spine-tingling and powerful speeches of the day was from Ahad Nabi, who flipped the double bird at gunman Brenton Tarrant, and rightfully so.

Ahad Nabi is the son of Haj Mohemmed Daoud Nabi, one of the 51 innocent victims of the Christchurch mosque shooting, which occurred on March 15th this year.

“You shot at defenceless people who did not know what was going on until it was too late. Your actions were a gutless character of a person. There’s nothing heroic about your shooting,” he read before the court. Tarrant himself was present for proceedings, and Ahad faced him directly for most of his speech as he absolutely unleashed on the convicted terrorist.

“Your father was a garbageman, and you became trash of society. He is ashamed of your identity. You deserve to be buried in a landfill,” he continued.

“Your wish is to make this world a racist cult of one colour, but you will never succeed. I ask from you, your honour, that this scum of the world never be allowed to walk free from prison in his lifetime.”

Nabi also called the shooter a “maggot”, which is truly a perfect description of his character.

The speech was incredibly powerful and was but one that occurred today during court.

During the proceedings, a young woman by the name of Sara Qasem rose to speak for her father, who was also tragically murdered at Al Noor mosque in Christchurch.

“My name is Sara Qasem. Daughter of a hero. Daughter of a shining, glimmering man, daughter of a martyr. Of Abdelfattah Qasem. Remember that name,” she said.

The full proceedings are not available to view, as some speakers elected to not be filmed during their speeches.

The hearing is scheduled to continue tomorrow.