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Who among us hasn’t gotten all riled up at a game and accidentally shouted out a taboo expletive instead of the team’s name? Well I haven’t, but AFL commentator Dwayne Russell just did and it’s honest to god the highlight of my life and it’s pretty much all downhill from here.

Tonight the Gold Coast Suns are playing in Round 3 of the AFL season and after old m8 Lachie Weller scored a goal in the opening quarter, a v. overexcited Dwayne Russell accidentally called the team the “Gold Cunt” rather than the “Gold Coast Suns.”

An easy mistake to make, I reckon. Cut the bloke some slack, will ya?

Have a go at the footage below, as shared on Twitter:

It would appear that we weren’t the only punters to pick up on the unfortunate but extremely entertaining blunder as loads of AFL fans have taken to Twitter to laugh at the hilarious gaff.

While we’re on the subject, I was doing some research on all things AFL (full disclosure: I’m PEDESTRIAN.TV’s entertainment editor with limited knowledge of AFL – or any other sporting activity – but it’s a pub holiday so you’re stuck with me, soz), my editor informed me of the fact that Lachie Weller went viral a few years back, much like he is RN, but for a different reason entirely: because he’s, as put it, “ridiculously good looking.”

He was quick to make his mark on the AFL world as folks became obsessed with his talent and his undeniable beauty.

And now he’s gone viral again, but for an entirely different, but equally entertaining, reason. Hm, maybe I should give this AFL thing a crack after all?