Adult Friend Finder Has Suffered A Massive Breach Of Users’ Data

Hookup site Adult Friend Finder has suffered a massive security breach, with the data of as many as 4 million of its users leaking onto the internet. In related news, hookup site Adult Friend Finder is apparently still a thing that exists?

The leak includes email addresses, usernames, dates of birth, postal codes and sexual preferences, so if you joined the site and were remotely truthful about any of those things, you may have cause for some concern.
Per reports in Gawker, the hacker goes by the name ROR[RG], and claims he attacked the site because they owed money to a friend, for whom he is demanding payment:
ADULTFRIENDFINDER.COM > this is for owing my guy $247,938.28 BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been ROOTED ;D

Cuz Itz Pay yo DUEZ or we COMIN 4 U!!!!!!

shout outz to Hell for the bandwidth:
The message is then followed by links to 15 files containing personal data, although evidently, credit card information has been removed. It has been noted that a portion of the data leaked is that of users who had attempted to delete their profiles.
Per reports in Fortune, Adult Friend Finder is “working closely” with police and forensics experts to identify the source of the breach. In a later forum post, ROR[RG] claimed to be in Thailand and willing to “pay off” local law enforcement to avoid trouble.
Adult Friend Finder have referred concerned users to the following blog post, explaining the steps they’ve taken, and noting that they are still unaware of the “full scope” of the leak.
In related news, recent figures showed that close to 40% of Tinder users are already in relationships and lying their arses off about it, so before you get all smug, just remember: