Adriano Zumbo’s ‘Zumbaron Day’ Is Finally Back After Three-Year Hiatus

Master of desserts, Adriano Zumbo, has decided to bring back Zumbaron Day

THANK THE HEAVENS. The last time it was held was in 2012, but had to be postponed because of Zumbo’s insanely fast-growing patiss-empire.
Zumbaron Day includes 60 different flavours of macarons. Sixty. Which is a lot of bloody flavours, so there ends up being some pretty damn weird ones. Liiiiike:
“The weirdest ones are probably the laksa and Thai green curry flavours.”
There’s normal childhood lolly flavours too, like Redskins, Bounty, and Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs – which is Zumbo’s fave. 
Adulting adults who are still feeling boozy from Friday night can get cocktail flavours like Gin & Tonic, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned, or Bloody Mary
And thanks to some ingenious buggers out there somewhere, a handful of the flavours were by request of fans and customers. Liiiike, Golden Gaytime, S’Mores, Caramello Koala, Pineapple Lumps and Espresso Martini.
“A lot of people ask for lollies and biscuit flavours, or things like tea and Scotch Finger biscuits. People also ask for savoury things – like pizzas or sausage sandwiches. Or weird combinations, like ginger, mint and chilli. Just every combination.”
For the return of Zumbaron Day, new flavours will include: Grilled-Cheese Toastie, Pork BunBlack Sesame Seed and Condensed Milk.
A word of warning: do not attempt to try all sixty. It will hurt. You may die. But imho, it’d be a nice way to go, wouldn’t it?
Zumbaron Day will be held at The Star Zumbo store in Sydney, and his self-titled patisserie in South Yarra in Melbourne. Starts at 8am, 28th November 2015. 
Image via Instagram.