Oh, Adelaide. City of churches, city of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and city of blokes taking a tumble in pools of their own yak. Truly the cultural epicentre of the nation and you cannot convince me otherwise.

In the r/Australia subreddit, a post by the name of “Adelaide’s thriving nightlife summarised in a gif” recently appeared.

As you might expect, it was an incredible depiction of Adelaide’s thriving pub circuit as seen through the eyes of an observant security camera.

Just an FYI – the embedded video has chopped off the juicy (sorry) bottom half of the video so you’ll need to click through to Reddit to see the full shit-show.

Adelaide’s thriving nightlife summarised in a gif from australia

The comments section of the video is absolutely thriving with comedy.

One Redditor commented “that bloke must have washed out on his own banana playing Mario kart” to which another responded “we have all been there.”

I feel so seen, we truly have all been there.

A few more upstanding Adelaide citizens were quick to point out the only other people in the video seem to not give a single fk.

“The people at the table didn’t even flinch. Classic Radelaide,” they wrote.

“It’s dinner and a show!” another responded.

“Ya reckon the girl sitting down was impressed? Wonder if he got her number,” wrote a third.

Speaking as someone who has spent a fair bit of time in Adelaide, I can attest to these next few comments.

Adelaide is full of lovely buildings and friendly folks, but occasionally you do need to make your own fun since the nightlife scene isn’t up there with Melbourne, Brisbane and (god forbid) Sydney.

“He made his own fun,” said one half-glass-full user. Another responded “spew n slides aren’t just for summer!” putting a horrific spin on one of my favourite warm-weather activities.

Nah but for realsies – Adelaide ain’t that bad.

As long as you stay clear of that particular pub’s splash-zone.