Adelaide’s Lord Mayor Martin Haese says the Adelaide City Council is trawling through CCTV footage to discover how the hell one particularly adventurous punter jumped on top of the CBD’s famous Mall’s Balls. 

Footage of the acrobatic endeavour circulated on social media over the weekend, showing the man run across a glass awning in front of a Rundle Mall shopping centre before leaping into the four-metre-tall sculpture.

Haese told the ABC it was incredibly lucky the unidentified man “didn’t hurt himself severely” during the “daft and dangerous” stunt, adding that the council was attempting to determine how he mounted the balcony in the first place.

Describing the first step as “not an easy job in itself,” Haese said the council is assessing CCTV footage to “make sure that it’s not easy to get up onto those balconies.”

Other video footage of the incident shows the man scrambling up to the balcony from a nearby Pandora sign. As you do.

Police are appealing for information on the man’s identity – after all, not everyone can admit to being impressed by one man’s decision to turn sculptor Bert Flugelman’s Spheres into a late-night playground.

Source: ABC
Image: @duffff91 / Instagram