It’s Officially Adelaide’s Hottest Day Ever & A Pub Is Giving Away Beer

It is, pause for dramatic effect, extremely bloody hot in Adelaide today. It’s so hot, in fact, that it’s exceeding any high temperature mark previously seen in recorded history. That’s how hot it is in Adelaide today. Record-settingly hot. Unheard of hot. Absolutely bullshit hot. Hot.

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Temperatures in the South Australian city exceeded previous all-time records at around 1:42pm this afternoon, with the Bureau of Meteorology reporting that the mercury ticked over to a frankly illegal 46.2 degrees at West Terrace, eclipsing the previous mark of 42.1 set on January 12th, 1939.

That, I think we can all agree, is absolutely far too hot. A truly absurd amount of heat for one place in one day.

Much of South Australia is getting absolutely belted by the sun today, with Ceduna – off the Eyre Highway – in particular coming off second best. The small coastal town experienced a high of a 48.6 degrees (FORTY EIGHT POINT SIX) earlier this afternoon. That’s the second day in a row the town has cracked the 48 mark, with yesterday topping out at 48.4 at 2:50pm, which at the time was an all-time record.

In fact it’s so dang hot, that one pub in Adelaide has basically given up and has begun straight-up giving away beer.

The Red Lion Hotel in Adelaide’s outer north promised to start pouring free ones for punters should the temperature exceed 45, and keep the taps open for as long as things stayed north of that mark.

It ah… managed to drag a few punters in, needless to say.

Given that a cool change in the area isn’t expected until tomorrow morning, those free beers could be going down for a hot little while yet.

Honestly, it’d be rude not to on a day like today.

Stay cool, Adelaide mates.