In another huge Adani fuck up, the company has forgotten to claim new name Bravus on socials, so Stop Adani campaigners did instead.

As previously mentioned, Adani are officially changing their name to Bravus, as an extension of the word ‘brave’. However, Guardian latin experts claimed that in Latin the name roughly translates to ‘crooked’, ‘cut-throat’ or ‘villain’. Amazing.

After forgetting to claim Bravus on social media, activists are claiming the handles as their own to troll the mining giant.

The fake Bravus account, also released an incredible spoof video that makes fun of the original Adani one.

Stop Adani said in a statement that Adani’s attempt to rebrand “can’t hide its legacy of breaking environmental laws, trashing Traditional Owner rights, destroying critical habitat for endangered species, threatening Queensland water and the Reef, or turbo-charging climate change.”

“Adani knows its brand is toxic – which is why insurers, financiers and other contractors continue to abandon it,” said Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner, Christian Slattery.

A spokesperson for the mining company tried to defend the new name stating that the suffix ‘us’ highlights the inclusive nature of the company.

“It includes the ‘us’ suffix, highlighting the inclusive nature of us the company, us the employees and us the community,” they said in he statement.

“It references the fact we are an Australian company by having the letters ‘AUS’ in the name. It signifies that we are proud to be an Australian company that is part of the North Queensland community.”

Over the last ten years, the brand name Adani has become synonymous with corporate greed, the destruction of the environment and the trashing of Indigenous land rights.

Adani are still pushing to build the the biggest coal mine in Australia, called the Carmichael mine in central Queensland (which has final environmental approval).

“The Adani Group is still pushing to build the largest coal mine in Australia, so regardless of what they’re called, Adani’s Bravus will continue to burn us by turbo-charging dangerous global warming and driving worse bushfires in Australian communities. We won’t give up the fight to hold Adani to account for this,” said Mackay Conservation Group Coordinator Peter McCallum.