Adani Accidentally Changed Its Name To A Latin Word For ‘Crooked’ & Honestly Lol, Owned


The mining company that we’ve all grown to know and (not) love, Adani, is officially changing its name to Bravus, but while the company believes the word is just an extension of ‘brave’, it turns out that it may actually just mean ‘crooked’.

The Guardian spoke to Latin experts as soon as the news broke out, and discovered that the word Bravus is closer to meaning ‘crooked’, ‘deformed’ or ‘assassin’, and you really can’t help but laugh.

Chief Executive of Adani/Bravus, David Boshoff, told Australian Financial Review with great confidence that the new name was chosen because of its definition from Medieval Latin being “courageous.”

He then went on to talk about how the new name was perfect in reflecting the company’s values, saying it “took a lot of courage to get where we are, and we will stand up for what we believe.”

The Guardian then spoke with Dr Christopher Bishop, from the Australian National University’s Centre of Classical Studies, an expert in Latin who essentially confirmed that Bravus is a pretty ill-informed attempt at being cool.

“They are wrong. It would have to be something like ‘fortis’, for brave, if you are going for your classical,” Bishop told The Guardian.

“You know, something like ‘fortuna favet fortibus – fortune favours the brave’. That’s a schoolboy thing – everyone knows that.”

Latin experts roasting mining companies is now my new 2020 obsession. The roasting didn’t end there though, as Bishop then went on to compare the word Bravus to some sort of base-level Monty Python joke.

“It is sort of a Monty Python-Latin,” he said.

“It is that classic joke where you chuck an ‘-us’ on to the end of anything and call it Latin.”

A spokeswoman for Adani/Bravus tried to defend the brand new name in an official statement, using Latin words to make strange company metaphors about inclusion and *checks notes* being Australian.

“It includes the ‘us’ suffix, highlighting the inclusive nature of us the company, us the employees and us the community.

“It references the fact we are an Australian company by having the letters ‘AUS’ in the name. It signifies that we are proud to be an Australian company that is part of the North Queensland community.”

Sure, Jan.