Australia’s own Adam Hills has fired right the hell up, and taken the British government to task for its treatment of vulnerable children, in a segment from his show The Last Leg.

 “How are the government dealing with the fact that they may not reach the legally-binding target of fewer than one in 10 children in poverty by 2020?” Hills asked, during a discussion on child poverty. “They’re going to try to scrap the target.” 

“Not only that, it’s reported that they may also change the definition of poverty, in order to lower the numbers of children in poverty. Wow. If we’ve learned one thing from this government, it’s that politicians really love screwing vulnerable children.”

The remarks drew gasps from the audience and guests, but Hills persisted. “Tell me I’m wrong,” he said. “Y’know what? Fuck ’em, absolutely fuck ’em … We need to talk more about the fact that politicians are fucking children.”

As well as government inaction on child poverty, Hills was alluding to recent claims that allegations of child abuse against senior police and MPs have been subject to an official cover-up, going back decades. 

Watch his rant below:

via TV Tonight