6 Activities To Do Over Summer If You’re Not Mentally Prepared For The Year Yet

We don’t need to remind you that this year has been a lot. Don’t worry, we’re not going to share the ghosts of 2021 past but if you’re feeling more mentally drained than usual, you’re not alone. 

With three in four young Aussies describing the last twelve months as “stressful, monotonous and challenging”, thinking about spending the summer with your extended family may heighten those feelings tenfold. 

While some may be able to grit their teeth as relatives ask when you’ll get a “real job” or give the family some grandkids, others may want to jet out of there ASAP.

Plus, 92% of young Aussies are so over the boring year we’ve all had, they’re seeking fun and out of the ordinary experiences to enjoy with their nearest and dearest this summer.

If you’re looking for some exciting ideas (cough, excuses, cough) to get through this season, then read on.

Friendship Holidays

Ahhh friendship trips, the festivity of the holiday break without the family politics. According to a survey by Australia’s longest-running adventure experience site, Adrenaline, 46% of Gen Zs are likely to spend the end and beginning of year hols with friends. 

Bring a dish each, enjoy some games, drinks and frivolity. If your family asks why you’re ditching them, simply remind them that you’re young, in your prime and the pandemic has stolen years of your youth. 

They won’t be able to refuse.

Skydive over Rottnest Island

If you tell your family that you’re jumping out of an aeroplane instead of spending summer with them, they’ll simply be too stunned to speak.

It’ll also be a day you won’t forget and a big screw you to the year that was.

Challenge yourself by tandem skydiving from up to 15,000 ft. If you’re not based in WA, you could also free fall over the Gold Coast and the Great Ocean Road. A much cooler story than eating leftovers with your third cousin twice removed.

Take a helicopter flight over Brisbane

See the brown snake from a new perspective. Take a helicopter ride over the capital of Queensland during the holidays for a sight to see. Join your family for drinks and entrees before ducking out to head to the skies with a partner or friend. 

If a cruise over Brisbane isn’t up your alley, for Sydney folk why not try a Black Ops Military-Style helicopter mission? You’ll experience a 240 km/h joy ride over the water and get some go-pro footage to boot. You’re welcome.

Snorkel with turtles in Byron Bay

One way to have a unique summer break? Head underwater. Get up close and personal with some marine life and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean. 

A few kilometres out of Cape Byron, the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve is home to hundreds of fish, some stunning turtles and colourful corals. 

What better way to spend the most wonderful time of the year than witnessing the beauty of nature. How’s the serenity?

Kayak in Sydney Harbour

While the Sydney Harbour is often a bustle of ferries and tourists over the summer, it’ll be quieter than usual as people get back to work. 

Head to the water and kayak peacefully on the most famous harbour in Australia. La Niña looks set to give us a break around the holidays so enjoy the nice temperatures instead of your bickering family.

Tall Ship Day Cruise in Adelaide

If you’re spending your holidays in South Australia then swap the Adelaide Hills for a jaunt on a Tall Ship Day Cruise

Adventure from Port Adelaide out to sea, climb the rigging and soak up the scenery. A highlight? Morning, lunch and afternoon tea are all provided. 

Five hours spent on the high seas instead of the office? Take my money.

Last minute gift ideas that you’ll secretly benefit from

After the year we’ve had, it’s no surprise that young Aussies would rather give the gift of experience than something that will be thrown away as soon as the summer holidays are over. 

According to Adrenaline, three in five Australians are buying holiday gifts they can use with loved ones and 86% are opting to buy presents they can enjoy with their partner, ‘Us-Mas’ if you will.

Swap the tacky body wash sets with an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. Some ideas could be: Hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley, taking a spin in a V8 Car, and gliding over Hobart in a seaplane. No matter what adventure you choose, it’s sure to be more memorable than a pair of jocks and socks. Plus, it’s a gift for you as well. A win-win all ’round.

To celebrate the holidays differently this year, head to the Adrenaline website and choose from over 2,500 adventurous experiences to share with your loved ones, and add a little thrill to your holiday season.