ACCC To Investigate What Apple Owes For The iPhone-Bricking ‘Error 53’

If you were one of the unlucky ones who unfortunately received that nasty ‘Error 53‘ message – we’re sorry to hear it. 

But never fear! The trusty ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) are trying to help you out. 
ICYMI, the dreaded ‘Error 53’ was a error message that it bricked a bunch of iPhone 6s. ‘Bricked’ as in, no fix. No reboot. No reinstall of software. Bricked. Donezo
Apparently it happened if the phone detected through the Touch ID/home button that a repair had been done by a non-Apple technician. (You got a new screen put on by some dodgy place, didn’t ya! You cheeky bugger.)
According to The Guardian, the ACCC will investigate the error and urgently seek a response from Apple about your concerns (and severe hatred and anger and expletives, etc.).
A spokesperson for the ACCC said this:

“We are currently considering whether the reports are likely to raise concerns under the Competition and Consumer Act.

In particular the ACCC is examining whether this practice contravenes the consumer guarantee and false and misleading representations provisions of the Australian consumer law. The ACCC would also be concerned about any practices which restricts competition, including through access to parts or data.”
SOON, CHAMPIONS. You’ll get an answer soon. Hang in there. 
Source: The Guardian