Abuse Survivors Tire Of Waiting For Pell, Wanna Talk To The Pope Instead

A group of abuse survivors currently in Rome have stated that they’re really bloody sick of waiting for Cardinal George Pell to talk to them, so now they wanna talk to the Pope

They’ve been listening to Pell give his testimony for three days now, so they’re understandably exasperated. 
They say they’re no longer interested in meeting with him, and say they’d now like to “speak to the boss”. 
Survivor David Ridsdale said to media that “giving us nothing, he doesn’t care, he’s turned his back on us, we don’t want to meet with George at all”.
“George Pell has made it very clear he does not have the ability, the power or the interest to do any of those things, so we need to speak to the boss.”
The group say that they want to seek Pope Francis’ help in reforming the processes of the church, to make sure that children are protected from abuse in the future.
Source: 9 News.
Photo: Handout / Getty.