Regardless of how you feel about President of the United States of America Donald J Trump, there is one thing we can all agree on: His brain is a soup. It is both his greatest strength and greatest weakness. He doesn’t understand anything that happens in the world around him unless it was conveyed to him repeatedly through 9 hours of television; what he retains he finds difficult to recall; and what he recalls he finds nearly impossible to express without garbling. Every part of his brain and body has difficulty communicating with every other part and yet — through sheer force of will — he pushes through it. He doesn’t care that saying you need ID to buy groceries is completely nonsensical, he’s just happy that he said something.

This fact is immediately obvious if you watch any interview he does or teleprompter-less speech he delivers. It’s even more obvious you read them transcribed. It’s even more obvious than that if you read his tweets. Firing off incoherent insults and complaints at random targets while peppering in unnecessary capital letters and exclamation marks like they’re going out of date, he paints a portrait of a man compelled by utter madness to exorcise his every thought as he experiences the worst diarrhea of his life in a White House bathroom.

When carefully crafting one of these many gems today, Trump took out his frustration at Fox News polls in which showed him lagging behind the Democrats by directing his concerns at our precious national broadcaster. Hands shaking with either rage or withdrawals from a type of experimental MDMA they usually give to racehorses, he managed to tag in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, instead of the more correct but vastly inferior American Broadcasting Company.

To which the ABC responded in the only correct fashion. Namely, with a GIF of a koala saying ‘g’day’:

It’s interesting to note that in the original video (an old Superbowl ad), the koala is actually saying “Oh dear.” and is shortly afterwards punched in the face:

Image result for koala coffee gif