The ABC Set Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes & It’s A Perfect Metaphor For The State Of Things

America is collapsing right now as the presidential election rolls on without a clear winner in sight. So too is our humble ABC News studio right here in Australia, which is literally falling apart live on TV.

At around 5 PM (AEST), viewers around Australia reported their first hints what sounded like gunshots to rock the election. Except there weren’t any gunshots; it was simply the sound of the ABC set collapsing before our very eyes, potentially endangering sweet election angel Antony Green.

Antony, of course, was startled because he was busy announcing that Texas had voted in Trump‘s favour.

Listen to that crash-bang. Whatever’s going on at the ABC studios, it ain’t pretty.

The timid psephologist – perfect in every single way and beloved by Australians from coast to coast – had a literal jump-scare because this unexplained sound was simply so loud and so sudden.

Firsts the weird lighting, now this. Of all days, during all segments. Oh dear.

But, being the professional he his, he wasn’t thrown of this game. He kept on reporting results, proving that he really is the best in the biz.

Immediately, whipped out their pitchforks at those who are supposed to oversee set maintenance.

Whenever Antony Green appears to be in the slightest bit of danger, the people of Australia are naturally inclined to step in and protect this divine human being.

Others also looked at the bigger picture. The US is literally falling apart at the seams, and hot on its tail is the ABC set with its own on-air self-destruction.

There’s something terrifyingly beautiful in this pathetic fallacy to sweep the ABC studios.

Anyway, Antony Green got out unscathed.

Because the sound actually came from off-screen, we may never know what the cause of that ominous crash-bang was.

What we do know, is that we’re in for one long slog of a night.