In the wake of increasing terrorism fears across the world, as well as a bizarre written attack in conservative journal The Quadrant that almost encouraged the idea of an attack, ABC headquarters in Sydney has today introduced new protocols to how the Ultimo facility runs with the previously open-to-the-public foyer area, now reportedly shut down to non-employees.

The Australian reports in its ‘Media Diary’ section this morning, that the foyer is now shut to the general public, removing access to not just the Instagram-friendly ‘Doctor Who’ TARDIS display (see below), but also to the supposed “thousands” who use the building as a shortcut to get to Central station, particularly students of the neighbouring University of Technology Sydney.

The best part about the ABC…mysterious visitors #doctorwho #nerd

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The news seems to confirm a Buzzfeed report from May, when The Quadrant’s incredibly stupid take first landed, that suggested management might take the heavy step of closing its doors to the public for increased safety.

Whilst the Australian’s claim that “thousands” used the ABC foyer as a quicker route to get to central station from Ultimo seems like a bit of an overstatement, apparently the shortcut is well known to Law and Business students at nearby UTS, with some claiming it saves them over 20 minutes.

ABC Closes Foyer To Public, Shutting Down Sneaky UTS Students’ Shortcut

Soz UTS students, but that’s what you get for trying to learn, I guess.

The foyer has also been home to some dope pop-up displays throughout the years such as for Triple J and Rage anniversaries which sadly now seem to be just for employees eyes only.  

Image: Getty / Damian Shaw.