Abbott Gives First Interview Post-Spill, Will Decide Political Future By Christmas

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has opened up for the first time since Malcolm Turnbull‘s dramatic party room coup this month, in an exclusive interview with News Corp. 

Tony Abbott told News Corp that the position of PM has never been more precarious. You almost feel sorry for old mate:

Obviously I know, having been a practitioner of politics in this country, that the top job has never been less secure … it is obvious.”

Tony Abbott said his “judgment turned out to be wrong” in terms of his own party witnessing similar turmoil to the Labor Government’s Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years. “But certainly I never thought, having watched the Labor Party implode, that the Coalition would want to venture down the same path.”

The big question – what Tony Abbott will do with his spare time, if not cultivate his own onions – was also addressed in the interview, with Abbott saying retirement “on the golf course” wouldn’t be on the cards, but gave himself a deadline of Christmas to decide on his new direction.

“Look, I’m not going to make any hard and fast decisions this side of Christmas. I think I’m far too young to retire. Obviously I still think I have quite a lot to contribute in public life. Over the next couple of weeks I will take it easy, catch up with family, colleagues and trusted friends.”

Emphasis, you can imagine, on trusted.

Read News Corp’s interview with Tony Abbott in full here

Bye mate. 

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