An Overgrown, Mould-Covered Piece Of Shit Has Just Hit The Sydney Housing Market For $2.5 Mil

An “abandoned” and “unliveable” house in Sydney’s inner suburbs has just hit the property market with a buyers guide price of $2.5 million. It’s truly giving renovators nightmare > renovators dream.

The property at 1 Vaughn Place in Redfern is nothing if not a massive middle finger to everyone in the hunt for a house right now.

The listing claims the house was originally built on the double block of land for a “prominent Australian artist” whose identity is a mystery.

Sound legit. Only an artist could construct such an intricate web of overgrown flora exclusively through the artistic medium of ~crushing neglect~.

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Luckily, the abode sits “tucked away on a quiet back street” so whoever purchases it can easily hide both their material and financial wealth.

The write-up describes it as a “a rare and special opportunity”.

Indeed. A rare and special opportunity to give yourself an aneurism negotiating the necessary renovation planning permits with the relevant local council.

when ur mate says it’s all good, u can sleep on their couch – *the couch*. source: domain.

The auction will be taking place on Saturday the 24th of June at midday where some wanker with seven other houses in their portfolio will inevitably snag it.

I kinda want to go along and watch, purely for masochistic purposes if nothing else.

It’d be nice to feel something. Especially in this economy.

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It’s no secret that the housing market in Australia has become the bane of everyone’s existence.

Nothing typifies this more than the saga of Sydney renter Chantelle Schmidt whose landlord tried to increase the rent on her three-bedroom share house by $350 a fortnight.

She ended up taking her case to the NSW tribunal and documented the entire thing on TikTok for all the world to see.

What a time to be alive!