A$AP Ferg’s Mad AF Gig Went Ahead Last Night Despite The Adelaide Blackout

So last night, you might be aware, the entire goddamn state of South Australia experienced a black out. Not just certain areas, THE ENTIRE RUDDY STATE. 
It’s insane, and people are already blaming The Greens and renewable energy () over it, but in actual fact it was the power system protecting itself after a major transmission tower got struck and went down.
Anyway, old mate A$AP Ferg decided that absolutely no goddamn power outage was gonna stop him from going ahead with his gig at the absolutely 11/10 Adelaide venue The Governor Hindmarsh, affectionately known as ‘The Gov’
SOMEHOW, and honestly we cannot fathom how, the gig went ahead. It was a complete success, and went off without a bloody hitch. 
Most fans assumed it would be cancelled (understandably), but Ferg tweeted out multiple PSAs, encouraging people to bring ‘candles and flashlights’ because it was going ahead:

And, The Gov posted to Facebook, telling ticket-holders, 
“Thanks to Apollo Lighting, we’ve got a generator and the gig is going ahead! 
Come party with A$AP and the crew. They’re waiting for ya. BYO glow sticks.”
Fucking amazing. 
The live venue managed to get both a backup generator and lighting for the gig, which apparently arrived late due to insane traffic (every traffic light in SA was out!) – but it did the trick. What they managed to pull off is actually impressive as all hell. 
Sarah Mooney from the venue spoke to theMusic.com.au, saying the weather was intense throughout the duration of the show, but the power came back on for Ferg’s final song. 
“Our full intention was to make it happen at whatever cost… Ferg was quite intent on performing and I think they dug the vibe of a blackout gig.

When he came in with the encore [‘New Level’], it was probably the anthem of the night.”
Check the photos from the venue; it’s dark as hell, but it must have been one of the most unique live experiences. 
Ain’t no one there forgetting the time they saw A$AP Ferg live while the entire city was blacked out around them.
It was *literally* pretty fucking lit, fam. 

A$AP Ferg‘s currently zooming round ‘Straya on tour for Listen Out – he’s hitting up Sydney next, then Brisbane
Source: The Gov / The Music.
Photo: The Gov.