The subject of medicinal marijuana in Australia is a touchy one for just about everyone whose job relies on a public election.

Though states are starting to move towards legislating marijuana for medicinal purposes, the laws are in the very early stages and are focused more on testing the medical benefits of pot and cannabis oil, rather than straight-up throwing it open to the marketplace.

Public sentiment, however, is ragingly in favour of the laws, which are already in place across the notoriously conservative United States, to the point where a number of states have legalised the drug outright (to their great taxation benefit, it should be stated).

A peaceful demonstration of “disobedience” has been planned for Sydney‘s Victoria Park this coming Saturday.

The Free Cannabis picnic supports Free Cannabis NSW, and – according to a press release – will sport “chilled tunes, a family-friendly vibe, guest speakers, and the possibility of cannabis smoke in the air.”

A similar event was held back in January and attracted more than 100 people to the event, which police monitored and then subsequently made two arrests for possession; one of whom was a man suffering terminal cancer. A photo of Paul Lawrence‘s back tumours subsequently went viral when he shared the brutal physical battle his body has been through in the fight to gain access to the vital pain killing plant.

Only a sick state and a sick government and police force would arrest and charge an ill man like me. The prohibition of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use does far more damage to society than someone like me having a quiet smoke with friends.”

Cannabis activist and one of the speakers booked for this Saturday’s picnic, Dr Andrew Katelaris, states that whilst the progress currently being made by state and federal legislators is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to ensure ordinary people can freely and legally access this product that has a wide range of highly beneficial medical uses.

“Cannabis is basically one of nature’s ‘wonder drugs’ and is safer and more beneficial to most people than similar substances created by the pharmaceutical industry.”

“Cannabis has been widely documented across human history and a plethora of cultures have made use of its healing benefits, something which is coming back into vogue with serious considerations being made as we speak of setting up an Australian medicinal marijuana market. But we need to do more.”

The picnic is scheduled for this coming Saturday from midday (with a certain observance occurring at the totally coincidental time of 4:20pm) at Victoria Park near the University of Sydney.

All the vital details can be found at the picnic’s Facebook event page.

Source: PR 4 The People.

Photo: John Greim/Getty.