An Australian mum has flexed her creative muscles to turn three Woolies chocolate mud cakes into a huge green and purple vape. No, that’s not a headline you expected to read today. Yes, it is very real.


The mum posted her creation in the Facebook group Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks in early August, and wrote that her daughter had asked for a vape cake for her 21st birthday.

“I tried to get it as close to the real one as possible,” she said.

The Aussie mother said she cut the three cakes into squares (presumably taking the icing off, too), before shaping the vape cake and moulding it together with white chocolate ganache coloured purple. Then it was just a matter of using fondant to shake vape juice bottles and finishing it all with a lovely teal and black glaze.

It is truly a thing of beauty.

Somewhere out there, a 21-year-old is a month on from celebrating her birthday with a huge, multicoloured vape cake – complete with cake cartridges on the side. Here’s hoping she’s not afflicted by that mystery illness hitting vape users in the United States.

There is truly nothing more powerful than a mother with birthday wishes from their child.