A US Judge Has Finally Told Martin Shkreli To Shut The Absolute Fuck Up

This feels like it was a long time coming, but either way it had to have been satisfying.

Martin Shkreli, he of the “Most Hated Man in America” infamy, is currently the subject of a securities fraud trial in the US. It’s a serious trial, but Shkreli has been doing everything in his power to turn it into a complete circus.
Shkreli has repeatedly blabbed to media outside the courthouse – at one point stating that he “does what he wants” – and has lashed out at the prosecution, the judge, and the witnesses called during the case. At one point, Shkreli labelled the prosecution as “junior varsity.”
It’s not the mark of a petulant child, but (although it is a bit). Shkreli is acutely aware of his public notoriety; the case had a hard time finding jurors because he’s both so well known and so universally loathed. Turning the trial into a farce would have the intended knock-on effect of potentially reaching potential jurors and diminish the case’s outcome.
The prosecution is absolutely wise to this, and Shkreli’s antics have irritated the presiding Federal Judge so much that she’s finally snapped and officially told him to cram it with walnuts.
US District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto accepted a motion filed by the prosecution gagging Shkreli from flapping his gums to media both inside and outside the courthouse.
Matsumoto noted, with a certain level of exasperation it should be said, that the order laid down to Shkreli is extremely straightforward.

“All your client has to do is stop talking in the courthouse and around the perimeter of the courthouse.”

“It is only a matter of time before Shkreli, or a member of the public who is repeating Shkreli’s statements, exposes one or more jurors to precisely the sort of extrajudicial evidence or commentary and our system forbids.”

“I was shocked that there were these comments, these statements. There’s a great risk jurors will be exposed.”

Or, to translate from legalese down to layman’s terms: Shut yer fuckin’ mouth, m8.
Shkreli was also accused of Tweeting about the case, despite being banned from the website, via a “secret” alt account @BLMBro. Though at the time of writing that account has been suspended.
Shkreli is being tried on eight counts of wire and securities fraud, stemming from his time as portfolio manager of two hedge funds, and as the founder of the pharmaceutical company Retrophin.

Source: NBC.
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty.