A Shitty Alt-Right Petition To Have Yassmin Abdel-Magied Fired Is At 16K

Good LORD. This is… something else.

Australia‘s premier alt-right news organisation (yes, we have one of those) has launched a petition for the ABC to sack presenter and Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, after she defended Sharia on Q&A last Monday night.

Now before you go nuts trying to figure out how the ABC could possibly fire Abdel-Magied from a panel show, she also presents ABC 24‘s weekend show ‘Australia Wide‘, so *technically* she could be fired.

But you wouldn’t know that from Altcon News‘ petition. Its last one was about trying to stop the Quran from being sold in Australia, so they’re not the most level-headed bunch.

Anyway, the petition is calling for the ABC to both publicly condemn Abdel-Magied’s comments on Sharia and to sack her (presumably from the entire network).

Following the February 13th edition of the ABC’s QandA program in which Yassmin Abdul-Magied got into a fiery argument with Senator Jacqui Lambie over Sharia Law, Abdul-Magied has publicly stood by her comments and released a video blatantly lying to the public about the merits of Sharia Law and the oppressive impact it has on non-muslim groups, homosexuals and women.

As Yassmin Abdul-Magied made these comments on the tax payer funded QandA program, and as she is a regularly paid commentator on the tax payer funded network, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation needs to reassure the tax paying public that they condemn her rhetoric and that Australians obey one set of laws, that no religious law is higher than the law of the land and that her blatant lies about this law will.not be tolerated or funded by the Australian tax payers.

The Change.org petition – which is blatant, blatant Islamophobia – has now reached over 16,000 signatures

Abdul-Magied’s heated argument with Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has gone viral, as she ripped into the politician – a vocal critic of Islam – for knowing nothing about the religion (a fact which Lambie happily admits to in a bizarre Facebook video following the Q&A episode).

“People talk about Islam without knowing anything about it, and they’re willing to negate any of my rights as a human being, as a woman, as a person with agency, simply because they have an ‘idea’ of what my faith is about,” she said. “Islam to me is the most feminist religion: we got equal rights well before the Europeans. We don’t take our husbands’ last names because we aren’t their property. We were given the right to own land… The fact is, in Sharia it says you follow the law of the land you are on.”

We’ve reached out to Abdul-Magied for comment.

Photo: Q&A.