A sexologist and a ‘sex symbol’ walk into an office…

More specifically, it was our office and Dr Nikki Goldstein and Imogen Bailey who came on in. As part of the excellent IQ forum series they’ll join a panel of legends in Sydney tonight, laying down their points on sex and its related products, to debate whether ‘Chastity will save the 21st Century.’

According to the event page, they’ll be attempting to answer the following: ‘Is it time we exercised restraint? Could chastity – rather than abstinence – make sex special again? Could we save ourselves the suffering associated with sex by taking things slow? Are old sexual moralities worth revisiting? Are sexually modest cultures even safer or happier than those considered free? Will chastity save us from ourselves?’

We caught them before they hit the stage to give us a spoiler-free idea of their arguments and to chat about virginity, masturbation and Miley Cyrus:

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You can still get tickets for tonight’s debate HERE.