A Quick Recap Of The First Season Of The Summer I Turned Pretty To Emotionally Prepare U For S2

the summer i turned pretty

2023 has proven itself to be a stellar year for TV, but honestly, the return of The Summer I Turned Pretty has me the most jazzed.

The first season of the coming-of-age romp based on the OG Jenny Han trilogy hit our screens in June last year, and we’ve been HOOKED ever since. It’s got all the makings of a perfect teen drama — love triangles, an aesthetic New England backdrop and childhood friendships that all come together in a bittersweet, sentimental and emotional package.

Season two, which drops on July 14 on Amazon Prime Video, will be inspired by the next book in the series, It’s Not Summer Without You. You can suss out the trailer below — which is soundtracked by Taylor Swift‘s ‘August’ and a snippet of ‘Back To December’ (Taylor’s Version). Honestly, if using Taylor Swift music in a trailer doesn’t get you hyped, I don’t know what will, TBH. Here’s to hoping we hear more TS bangers throughout the season, too.

That trailer has literally made my heart melt, and my tissues have run out already.

If the trailer has you pondering every possible storyline, here’s a lil rundown of where we left every character last season to prepare you mentally (and emotionally).

Isabel “Belly” Conklin (Lola Tung):

Belly spent season one in hardcore self-discovery mode. After years of being passed off as ‘the younger sister’, she finally came into her own and boy, did the Fisher bros notice her. Season one ended with her sharing a smooch with Jeremiah (after her feelings for an uninterested Conrad faded), leaving us wondering if their connection would evolve or crumble under the weight of their history. Tea!!!

Conrad Fisher (Christopher Briney):

Ahhh, Conrad, the brooding, emo-as-hell older Fisher brother. The first season saw him confront his feelings for Belly and begin to let his guard down. However, given his previous decisions and demons, it’ll be interesting to know whether he finally allows himself to embrace love.

Jeremiah Fisher (Gavin Casalegno):

Sweet, charming Jeremiah had a wee bit of a chaotic ending in season one. As Belly’s longtime bestie, Jeremiah’s feelings progressed into something way more over the season, ending with a big ole’ kiss. Season two will surely see him navigate whether their relationship blossoms into something bigger.

Susannah Fisher (Rachel Blanchard):

Susannah (the Fisher bros’ mumma) played a vital role in shaping Belly’s life. However, season one saw her facing health issues that cast a shadow over the aesthetic summer setting. Season one ended with her going into surgery, leaving us concerned about her wellbeing and its impact on the Fisher family dynamics.

Taylor Jewel (Rain Spencer):

Taylor, Belly’s iconic best friend, provided a lot of comic relief in season one (we’re expecting more chuckles, please). She offered Belly a tonne of relationship advice and support throughout the first season, ending with her own newfound romance. We’re very interested to see how it all unfolds for her and how she grows into herself more.

Honestly, typing this all out has got me so excited. I’m prepping my oodie, tissue box and Amazon Prime Video login for July 14 as we speak. Oh, and I’m writing a wish-list of every Taylor Swift song I hope gets used at some point in the season.