A NSW Indie MP Might Remove His Support Of The Govt ‘Cos Of Perrottet’s Fkd Take On Trans Kids

An Independent NSW MP is saying he might withdraw his support for the State Government because of Premier Dominic Perrottet‘s fucked comments on trans youth in sports.

Perrottet’s comments came after NSW Treasurer Matt Kean called for Liberal candidate for Waringah Katherine Deves to be disendorsed because of her transphobic comments.

But Perrottet has backed Deves and said she shouldn’t be disendorsed. He followed that up with some cooked rhetoric after Greens MP Abigail Boyd said he was “on the side of transphobes” in a budget estimates meeting.

Perrottet claimed his views were “more in line with fair-minded Australians” than hers. Ugh. I don’t think so Dom.

“My personal view is that when it comes to competitive sport, young girls should compete against young girls,” he continued.

“I’m entitled to my opinion.”

How many times must this point be reiterated? Trans women and girls have just as much a right to play sport as anyone else. Comments like Perrottet’s target and demonise trans kids who are simply trying to exist.

His comments were swiftly criticised by Independent MP Alex Greenwich. Good.

Greenwich told ABC Radio Sydney he wanted Perrottet to leave trans youth alone.

“The trans community and young trans people in particular are being used as a political punching bag,” he said.

“I’m asking the Premier to leave young trans kids alone, let them flourish, let them be themselves.”

Greenwich also spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald. He said he’d take back his support for the NSW Government if Perrottet didn’t change his tune.

Alex Greenwich is one of three Independent NSW MPs who give the state government supply and confidence. It basically means they back things like the Government’s Budget. Because the NSW Government is in the minority, it needs crossbench support to pass legislation and motions. So losing the support of Independent MPs like Greenwich could mean big trouble.

This is the first time in his career Greenwich has said he might take back his support of the Government. He’s also the only openly gay man in the NSW Lower House.

“I’ve maintained a very cooperative working relationship with the Perrottet minority government, but it would be impossible for that to continue if trans youth continue to be picked on by the Premier,” he told the SMH.

Perrottet has also confirmed he’ll meet with Greenwich to talk.

“It’s probably likely on this issue that Alex and I will disagree, but we’ve also disagreed on issues in the past,” he told ABC Radio.

“If you’re a politician without an opinion, you’re probably in the wrong profession.”

Frankly I’m pretty fucking sick of watching trans lives being used a political football. If as a political leader you’re willing to target trans kids for political points then you can get in the bin, thanks!